Thursday, December 12, 2013


Soooo Jensen started teething a couple weeks ago,
but these past couple of days it's been really bad.
I've been giving him infant Tylenol and cold bottles
and it's been working a little but could def. use some tips and 
tricks! Anybody know of any?! 

30 Days of Jensen

Hey everyone! 
So sorry we didn't finish the 30 days of Jensen, but being a new
mom I've been a bit busy. 
I will try ASAP to finish them. :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Jensen's Newborn Pictures.

Just a few of Jensen's newborn pictures



FACT THREE. 30 Days of Jensen!

Day 3
Fact 3: Jensen watches the Green Bay Packers
play every Sunday with his Aunt Lacey!

FACT TWO. 30 Days of Jensen!

Day 2
Fact 2: Jensen's grandma and grandpa
own a Harley and love to ride.
He loves to rock his Harley gear! ;)

FACT ONE. 30 Days of Jensen!

FACT 1: Jensen was named after an actor
named Jensen Ackles. He stars in the show SUPRNATURAL on the CW.
One of mommy and daddy's favorite shows!

30 Days of Jensen

Hey everyone!
Sorry I'm a little behind, but I got a
little busy over the weekend.
I'm uploading the pictures with the
facts tonight.
Thankyou and Enjoy :)